Transmission network of the electric power system of Montenegro comprises of more than 1,200 km of overhead lines, 24 transformer stations and switch gear at 400kV, 220kV and 110kV voltage levels. The network includes approx. 250 km of overhead lines at 400kV voltage level, approx. 370 km of overhead lines at 220kV voltage level and more than 600 km of 110kV overhead lines, and it is connected with the neighbouring systems and UCTE interconnection through ten interconnectors.

Three generating plants are directly connected to the transmission network of the electric power system of Montenegro:

  • HPP “Perućica” with 307 MW installed capacity,
  • HPP “Piva” with 342 MW installed capacity, and
  • TPP “Pljevlja“ with 210 MW installed capacity.

Annual volume of electricity delivered is approx. 4,500 GWh (in 2006 exactly 4,684 GWh was delivered). Out of this amount direct customers (KAP, the Steel Works and the Railways of Montenegro) receive a bit less than a half (in 2006 – 2,142 GWh), and the remaining volume is used by the distributive customers (in 2006 – 2,386 GWh). Transmission network losses are on the level of the European standards – around 3% (in 2006 – 157 GWh). More detailed information may be accessed over a link


Lenght of overhead lines [km]
400 kV Overhead lines 255 (357*)
220 kV Overhead lines 347.9 (438.7*)
110 kV Overhead lines 559 (598.3*)
Main facilities Voltage level
TS Podgorica 1 220/110/35 kV
TS Podgorica 2 400/110 kV
TS Pljevlja 2 400/220/110 kV
Switch gear Ribarevine 400 kV

* value in brackets relates to total lenghtof interconnectors