CIGRE offers members access to the world's foremost power system community and its world leading knowledge programme, expert people and publications. Join now to access the colleagues, expertise and resources you need. It’s great value and easy.

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Individual members include lecturers, engineers, researchers as well as other experts in the field of electrical industry.
Collective members are state or private companies, industrial or commercial, as well as scientific or technical organizations, and educational and administrative institutions.

With CIGRE membership develop and share your technical expertise, access international expertise and leading-edge techniques, up to date information on the latest technology and industrial techniques, tap into industry trends, meet your peers, understand international approaches to the environment, legislation and regulation, build your industry profile, better promote your company, and develop your professional network.
CIGRE fosters professional and technical development in many ways: learn about global issues and perspectives, become part of a unique network, understand different cultures and know-hows, access a wide range of technical information at a reduced price. CIGRE contributes to the personal and intellectual development of all its members. With CIGRE membership your company will benefit from a higher international profile and visibility within the electrical power industry.



There is no better source in the world for sharing, learning and developing power system expertise at this price. Be a part of our unique community and join now.





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