CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) - International Council on Large Electric Systems is one of the leading worldwide Organizations on Electric Power Systems, covering their technical, economic, organisational and regulatory aspects.

As a non-governmental and non-profit International Association, based in Paris, France, CIGRE was founded in 1921 and aims to facilitate and develop the exchange of engineering knowledge and information, between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries as regards generation and high voltage transmission of electricity.

More specifically, issues related to planning and operation of power systems, as well as construction, maintenance of HV equipment and plants are at the core of CIGRE's mission. Problems related to protection of power systems, telecommunication equipment and information systems are also part of CIGRE's area of concern.

CIGRE develops technical knowledge using two methods: conferences and meetings, where papers are produced and discussed, and permanent Study Committees working on technical subjects and publishing reports.

Presently 16 Study Committees are active, each dealing with a technical field of the Power Industry. Altogether more than 1000 experts are involved in their work, carried out by Working goups.

The Biennial Session held in Paris every even numbered year is the most important CIGRE event. It brings together some 2500 delegates from all the parts of the world and nearly 400 papers, covering all the fields of CIGRE, are discussed.