6th CG KO CIGRE Session

The Sixth CG KO CIGRE Session





Note: Some acts have standard contents and due to this they were not translated into English language.



Every participant have to fill out the form.

Registration fee is 150€ until April 22 2019, and after that date it is 170€ (VAT included).

Companies that want to make collective application, besides individual application forms have to send a list of participants.

Please fill out the registration form and send it to CG KO CIGRE together with a proof of payment registration fee, until May 06 2019, by e-mail to snezana.stankovic@cigre.me or to fax: +382 20 203 186



Before booking, it is necessary to fill out the Registration form and pay the Registration fee.

Please submit this hotel reservation form (link na editabilni pdf) by e-mail to snezana.stankovic@cigre.me or to fax: +382 20 203 186

Deadline for reservations is May 06, 2019

Deadline for cancellations is May 10, 2019



In cooperation with the company "Congress Travel", we can offer a transfer service for participants from Podgorica, Tivat and Dubrovnik to Hotel Mediteran in Becici.

Please fill out the transfer reservation form and send it until May 06, 2019 by e-mail to snezana.stankovic@cigre.me or to fax: +382 20 203 186

Transfer will be organized by car for max 3 persons.

Besides that, there is possibility to offer you transfer by minivan (7 persons max).



Tesla Electric Car Limo Service 

We would like to inform you that during the four-day VI CIGRE meeting, the participants will be able to reserve Tesla electric car for transfer. For the first time in Montenegro, Tesla Club will enable the use of Tesla Model S electric-powered cars to become familiar with the latest technologies and feel the future of new transport. For more information, see the offer in Montenegrin or in English language.